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Spice up any day's journey with this exquisite tee. A sumptuous patchwork of pure silk overlays the front in a mélange of textures - crinkle chiffon, crêpe de chine, satin and georgette - while the back and sleeves drape comfortably in a soft and fluid knit.

Perhaps with time the dragorn will learn to resist the poison of Discord to once again stand against a common enemy. More Photos UA3 - Polizei lace-up gaiters. The interior is lined with black polished cotton. This was not uncommon, as many Germans were unfamiliar with the different rank names employed by the Waffen SS.

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You searched for: silk tunic top shirt! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let’s get started!
A tunic is a garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the ankles. The name derives from the Latin tunica, the basic garment worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome, which in turn was based on earlier Greek garments that covered people around their waists.
Elaborate, soft gold metallic cutwork embroidery brings glamorous shimmer to the front of a petal-light crinkled silk chiffon layer, gently drifting over a soft knit tank.
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You searched for: silk tunic top shirt! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let’s get started!

As promised, my cloth wrist band shall be your reward! Arms You say, 'What arms? As you may know, the armies of Mata Muram are but one aspect of Discord's deep shadow. The Darkening ravaged not only the denizens of Kuua, but also the landscape as well.

Many of our old landmarks no longer stand, and the sky -- once blue and vast -- now seethes with ash and storms. If you can find a map of Old Kuua, one drawn before the coming of Discord, it may help me to infer the location of the ancient barrows of my kin. I need to find them before the Muramites manage to pillage the graves of my ancestors.

Return with one of the old maps as well as two jagged noc tusks so I can hollow them out and create a safe place to keep the map. Do this for me and I can reward your efforts with my cloth arm wraps. Korshawn says 'You've recovered a map of Old Kuua! With this I may yet find the burial grounds of my ancestors.

Hopefully before the Muramites get there to pillage what remains of my kins' riches! As promised, here are my former arm wraps. I have no more need of them, but I'm sure they will serve you well. Dragorn turned on dragorn and soon longstanding friendships ended in bitter squabbling. One dragorn, Noble Yemall the Arcane, kept his wits long enough to realize what was happening. Before the Muramites came, Yemall toiled tirelessly to counter the effects of Discord.

Although his efforts were ultimately in vain, it is said that he was able to author a treatise before the Muramites seized him. This treatise, entitled The Duskfall Chronicles, contains his reflections on the nature of Discord.

No one knows what has happened to this text, but if you are able to recover it, I may be able to understand why so many dragorn met their end.

Bring me this treatise along with two rugged murkglider skins to make a book cover. I will reward you with my former battle hood. Korshawn says 'You've recovered The Duskfall Chronicles!

Perhaps with time the dragorn will learn to resist the poison of Discord to once again stand against a common enemy. May so many of my kin never die in vain again. As promised, here is my cloth battle hood as your reward. Chest You say, 'What chest? The eight nobles, lead by Jelvan the Eldest, each carried scepters that were said to be carved from the bones of the first dragorn sons and etched in ancient runes. It is said that these scepters will glow as long as their owner is alive.

I have not seen the council since the Muramites overran our city, but I have heard that their scepters were handed out by Mata Muram as war trophies. If you can recover one of these scepters along with three Kuuan oil candles so I can study the runes, I will reward you with my former battle tunic! Korshawn says 'Yes, this is it the scepter of Yumall!

I recognize the markings! Alas, the glow has left the scepter which means Yumall no longer draws breath. At least now I know to prepare a burial ritual in his honor. As promised, here is my former battle tunic. In the days when I still fought for Dranik, this tunic turned many blades that otherwise would have found my heart.

Legs You say, 'What legs? There have been many others, for I have heard the Muramites tell stories of past conquests. One of the stories they tell is that the last ember of a Discord-ravaged city will burn for many years long after the ruins of the city itself have been buried by time.

Some say it's the city's spirit slowly dying. Others claim it to be a side effect of the Discord's lingering magic. Regardless, these embers are highly valued by the legions of Discord, for Mata Muram rewards them to his fiercest captains as war trophies. If you can bring me one of these embers along with three Dragorn Muramite insignia necklaces, I can reward you with my former battle leggings.

I have no need of them any longer, and I can use that ember to light the pyres of my kin who have fallen to the Muramites. It would be an honorable tribute to both my kin and the unknown city that have both fallen to Discord. Feet You say, 'What feet? There is talk of a traitors' stone, etched with the names of all dragorn who conspired with the enemy in those dire days.

The Muramite captains carried these stones and used them to determine which dragorn to slay outright and which to spare with a life of slavery.

If you can bring me one of these Kuuan traitor stones, along with two ikaav braids so I can hang the stones for all to see, it may enrage the remaining dragorn who are unhappy with Mata Muram's rule.

In time they may gather the spirit of will to once again rise up against the Muramites. Your reward shall be the cloth slippers I wore back when I, too, fought against the enemies of Dranik. I shudder to think what names could be etched on this stone, but I thank you for your efforts nonetheless.

As promised, here are my slippers as your reward. The front and back pieces of a simple kurta are also rectangular. The kurta usually opens in the front, and the front opening is often a hemmed slit in the fabric, buttoned at the top. The traditional straight-cut kurta does not have a collar, but modern versions do.

The use of side slits in the straight-cut kurta can be traced to the 11th century C. Straight-cut kurtas using regional embroidery designs are labelled according to the region from where the patterns originate. The Multani kurta is crocheted using designs of Multan Punjab, Pakistan. The Multani kurta is also known as the Saraiki kurta.

A Phulkari kurta [36] is embroidered using the Phulkari embroidery of the Punjab region. Punjabi straight-cut kurta, Ferozepur , Phulkari from Punjab, India, 20th century, khadi, silk, plain weave, embroidery, Honolulu Museum of Art.

Bandhani tye-dyeing is popular in the Cholistan Desert [38] area of the Punjab region. Bandhani patterns are used on kurtas. The traditional Punjabi kurta of the Punjab region is wide and falls to the knees [39] and is cut straight. This modern Punjabi kurta is famous for its slim-fitting cuts and smart fit designs. It is very popular among young politicians. Styles of kurta peculiar to Delhi include the wooden beaded kurta and a kurta heavily laden with embroidery.

The Sindhi kurta is the traditional straight-cut variety but uses local patterns to embroider the garment and also makes use of mirrors. The local art of bandhani creating patterned textiles by resisting parts of a fabric by tying knots on it before it is dyed is utilised, which is believed to have originated in Sindh and spread to Gujarat via Rajasthan [43] and is also practiced in the Punjab region. Sindhi kurtas are also made out of heavy local material called rilli , and the kurtas are often called rilli kurtas.

The Assamese Panjabi [45] is worn with a scarf Gamosa using local prints. The Bengali Panjabi [46] [47] utilises local embroidery traditions. Kantha embroidery means patched cloth and is the regional style of West Bengal and Bangladesh. It is known as Fanjabi in Sylhet and Chittagong.

The other variety of embroidery from West Bengal and Bangladesh is the Nakshi kantha. Pakistan Frontier Constabulary soldiers wearing kurtas at Torkham border crossing gate. Bhangra dance performers in Punjab wearing kurta and tehmat. Pahari Hill women in kurtas, Kashmir , Kurtas are often worn with jeans.

Most colours of kurtas match with blue jeans. Styled with ruffle of fabric around the neckline with ruffles extending down both sides of the button front. Sleeves 22" top of shoulder to longest point. Buy 2, get 1 free. From top of shoulder to bottom: Gently used no stains or holes Pitt to pit 17 inches blouse is 27 inches long. If you are dissatisfied with your item or have any concerns.

Great condition, no visible flaws. Gold buttons down the back of the shirt add an unexpected bit of chic. Perfect with jeans, suit, or anything in between.

Please review the pictures and feel free to ask me any questions. Ivory with floral print. V back with tie at neck. New without tags Johnny Was Workshop Silk camouflage and velvet top with gold thread embroidery on sleeves. Perfect top for all occasions! Used, but in excellent condition. You May Also Like. Got one to sell? Size Women's see all. Sleeve Length see all.

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