Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends

With a new year comes new trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle -- so it's out with the old and in with the new. Jane Buckingham from Trendera is here to help “Good Morning America” get.

Check out the latest Hip Hop fashion and footwear making it big on the scene. Matching looks continue at Mulberry with the military coats in a similar color and material as the center pressed ankle-crop trousers worn underneath, giving it a masculine but seamless effect. Look for lots of X necklines to dominate women's wear. The looks are outrageous but cozy.

Our trends, insights and tools enable ,+ future-focused professionals in + countries to build brands that matter, and products that delight. Understand new global and regional consumer trends and uncover innovation opportunities.
Boden Boden Is the new Baden-Baden – ie, surprise style hit – after a spike in profits. Great for late-summer dresses. Socks and sandals As per David Beckham’s navy and red combo in this.
Many people follow all the latest fashion trends. Others don’t really know what’s hot in fashion until they are surrounded by the latest big trend. By the time .
The fashion weeks are over and this means we have the complete list of the fall/ winter fashion trends fresh off the runway that spark such vivid imaginations and dreams. We saw many a lovely design and commented on quite a few trends as well that have either taken hold for the upcoming seasons alone or seem to have seeped in from , refusing to let go just yet.
Straight from the fashion week runway—what's new and what's in each season, and the top trends to try now.
All about Colors

Socks with sandals

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Brushes — including ink, snow and smoke effects — and colors are selected from a virtual palette. Users can share their creations as animated GIFs. Of course, this is a tech-fueled trend. If ABBA's virtual tour dates are to become as prized as their physical concerts, it will be because they offer participants a sense of wonder, excitement and create lasting memories — just delivered in a different medium. The attempted coup in Turkey.

But this time, the narrative is framed by immigration, job automation, depressed wages, a deeply uneven recovery from the Great Recession, generational and racial divides, terrorism fears, the ongoing refugee crisis. Want us to go on? However, we can humbly suggest one direction for brands wanting actionable ideas about how to actually respond to this trend in But those opportunities will come in two contrasting flavors: In June , Copenhagen-based travel website Momondo posted a video that highlighted the hidden racial diversity that exists in all individuals.

In The DNA Journey, volunteers were shown talking about pride in their national heritage and even issues with those from other countries, before being shown the results of DNA tests that proved they were a melting pot of genes from many different parts of the world.

The Singapore-based beer brand sought to redefine Asian stereotypes and chose an area known for its discount stores selling cheap Asian goods. The Tiger Trading Co. People had to show a Tiger Beer coaster to enter the store and each night, the pop-up sold out approximately an hour after it opened.

San Juan beer usually features an image of the otorongo jaguar on its label. Only 6, bottles the number of surviving otorongo jaguars were printed with the regular jaguar image, and sold during the San Juan carnival. September saw Starbucks launch Upstanders: Topics such as homelessness, autism, food waste and the role of police feature in the series, aiming to unite Americans during election season.

Whichever side of the coin you land on, this trend is about positive action. So think about campaigns that build bridges between people and cultures, as Momondo and Tiger did. A word of warning: It requires deep thinking about who you are as a brand and who your customers are or want to be.

As this mega-trend has developed, two powerful new directions have emerged: Without any prejudice, constraints or repercussions.

Users can reveal their identities should they want the interview process to continue. Unsubstantiated rumors are also flagged, with posts cross-checking statements with web and Twitter data.

July also saw Yahoo release an algorithm which can identify abusive online comments. Users can choose to simulate any Twitter account, and see the same timeline and notifications — for follows, mentions and retweets — as that Twitter user for 24 hours. This too, is an epic trend that we could dive deep into. But at its heart, one fueled by a very simple basic human need: First, improvements in AI mean that a tantalizing future is within reach: Second, the desire for anonymity will move beyond just freedom on social platforms.

As consumers become hyper-aware of how the prices they pay are influenced by their personal data, the demand for tools and services that ensure fair treatment will be greater than ever.

One practical, very consumer-centric idea? Our trends have one purpose: Regular readers will be familiar with our big idea: Take the sustainability mega-trend. Meanwhile the sharing economy, peer-to-peer consumerism and the rise of access-over-ownership business models have radically recalibrated consumer expectations around utilization and waste. This means finding and unlocking exciting new sources of value, or finding creative new ways to eliminate any wasted resource.

Created in partnership with power company Enel, the VehicleGrid V2G system will be available at charging units across the country, where the transactions can take place. Nissan also announced plans to launch xStorage: Consumers in emerging markets will be especially enthusiastic about innovations that enable them to get more for less.

The government-created online portal allows companies and the public to connect and recycle waste items such furniture, tires, computers and packaging.

From UberEats to GrubHub to Deliveroo, on-demand food delivery services have mushroomed ouch ; recently. Participating restaurants there are currently more than 35 signed up ask the customer if they want to donate any food. The driver then collects the items from the customer when they deliver the meal and takes it back to the restaurant, where it is picked up by Banco de Alimentos and distributed to those in need.

This trend is really very simple to apply. Look at every area of your business and ask yourself if any of the new business models could help you or your customers reduce or eliminate it. Customer expectations around these intertwined basic needs will reach new heights in First, the upcoming displacement of the screen as the primary way of interacting with our digital devices. All major tech players have been vocal! And was a tipping point in terms of speech recognition: Second, these intuitive interactions will converge with the rapidly improving capabilities of — and consumer familiarity with — artificially intelligent assistants.

Via voice commands, users can ask Google Home questions and receive real-time weather, traffic and sport updates. Users can also play music from integrated services including Spotify and Pandora, or connect Google Home with other smart home devices including Chromecast and Nest. Samsung announced in November that Viv would be a key feature in its Galaxy S8.

No matter the details, this voluminous style is sure to turn heads. Channel your inner Stevie Nicks in a lace sheath gown with fluttery streamer details or go for full-on romance by pairing them with a sultry fit-and-flare dress. Inbal Dror , Galia Lahav , Pronovias. The millennial pink trend has taken over bridal fashion. Naeem Khan , Anne Barge , Liancarlo. A high collar gives off seriously high-fashion vibes.

Statement earrings and a windswept updo perfectly complement this buttoned-up trend. Reem Acra , Lakum , Mark Zunino. Lover of '90s style, rejoice! The slinky, curve-skimming slip dress is back. Either way, this silhouette is effortlessly sophisticated. Ready to shop for your wedding dress? We scouted the runways to find the bridal fashion trends you need to know about.

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